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Who am I?

I’ve been a technology enthusiast my whole life. Growing up wanting to be a programmer may be a common thing now, but in the early 80s, in the former Soviet Union, that dream was something to strive for. Once I got my hands on a computer, not unlike many, I dove into Basic and PASCAL, ventured into C and Assembly, and fell in love with Perl.

During the early 90s, the days of the “birth of the Internet”, living in DC area, I (reluctantly) started my career in government contracting. Despite the generally mind-numbing work, surreal bureaucracy and pointy-haired bosses, I was fortunate enough to get my hand dirty with some really cutting edge projects at the time; like developing live video streaming capabilities for during the Clinton era and being one of the first people to bring fully browsable and searchable digital library online for Naval Research Lab (NRL).

After the inevitable break up with government, during the first Internet boom, I went through the start-up “phase”, picking up new languages and technologies, architecting myself and leading teams through the architecture and development of some pretty innovative products. Looking back, I was one of the architects behind what is now IBM Enterprise CMS and OpenText BPM platforms.

Now (and for the past 13 years) I work at OmniTI as Vice President and Solutions Architect, solving some of the more interesting technology problems. Over the years, I’ve had a somewhat unique opportunity to design and build systems that run some of the most visited websites in the world. Nowdays, I spend less time architecting systems like that myself and concentrate on educating others by writing and speaking about industry trends and best practices, sharing my experience as related to designing and operating architectures at scale.

Outside of technology (both at work and home) I am an avid gamer, photographer and a world traveler.